Today was all about cars. I was looking at the license plate on my wife’s car and saw that it had expired last month, February. I was surprised that I let it lapse. Okay, I knew but that was my prepared statement for cops if I got pulled over. All it took was a trip to Auburn city hall and paid $173 and I was good to go with a neon orange sticker for ’03 Saab. I have been asked this probably 10 times at different places. "Do you have an SR 22?" I always ask back, "what is an SR 22?" The usual the response back to me with a smile; "if you don’t know then you don’t have one." I guess after this post I know what it is after looking it up. And the answer is, nope and never have.

Orange and legal!

As for the Malibu, I had been a “padiddle” for a week, maybe longer? My front driver side light bulb had burned out. Not sure exactly when but more than a week ago. My prepared response for the police if I was stopped was going to be, “Really, my blinker wasn’t doing double time when I was trying to turn left? Odd. Sorry, I’ll get it fixed.” I paid $17 for a front headlight bulb? I was surprised by the price where a back light bulb is under $5.

$17 for a light.

So the cars are legal and roadworthy. Next order of business unless there is an unexpected problem before then is in June when the Malibu registration is due. That car has finally bottomed out for excise tax. Wonder what the price will be?