When it comes to spending time outside, most New Englanders do it during the warmer months.  Late March through early November.  However, one of the great things about Maine is the number of outdoor activities we have in the deepest part of winter.

As long as their is snow on the ground we can take advantage of great snowmobiling, good skiing, and some amazing times snow-tubing.

While we have several great places to go tubing in the state, the king of all winter attractions is definitely Seacoast Adventure Park.  The park, which offers a variety of summer activities, offers winter adventurers the thrill of screaming down a snow covered hill on a tube.

What Does The Park Offer?

One of the largest, if not THE largest, tubing parks in New England, Seacoast Adventure Park offers ten lanes of amazing tubing.  Don't be fooled, while they all may look the same, each of those ten lanes is a little bit different.

They also have night tubing!  Several nights a week, they run late, allowing you to tube under the lights.  Check out this cool video of night tubing at the park.

Also, here's a video of some people doing some night tubing a few years ago.

It appears the video must have been taken at the height of the pandemic.  Obviously, you no longer have to wear a mask while tubing!  Unless you really want to, of course.  Honestly, it WOULD keep your face warm, right?


When Is The Park Open

A quick look at the park's Facebook page shows that they will be open this coming weekend - March 17th through March 19th.

Of course, like any winter attraction, how long they stay open really depends on the weather.  If, for some reason, we continue to have cold temperatures and snow, the place will probably stay open later in the year than they normally would.


Where Is Seacoast Adventure Park Located?

You can find the park on Route 302 in Windham.  You really cannot miss the place, but in case you want to use your GPS, you can find it at 930 Roosevelt Trail.

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