One of the traditions in Maine is spring home shows and expos. That is why when I saw there will be in April in Auburn it made me smile.  It is just one of those signs of spring, like the first flowers that pop up in the garden.

The Maine Home Show will be at the Norway Saving Bank Arena at 985 Turner Street in Auburn or as a Mainer would tell you it is next to the Auburn Mall, kind of in behind the Shaws. It runs the weekend of April 10th and 11th.

According to the show's website, they have reworked this due to COVID with the type of vendors and services you would expect to find at a home show. The story in the Sun Journal said the Maine Home Show organizers can have about 700 people inside and have a flow of traffic and more space to allow for the physical distancing that is required.

Tickets…you can get those ahead of time and online and they are only $7 a person.

I would imagine there are a lot of people who will be into this for many reasons.  Gees, I do not have a home right now but I may go just to go! Besides, I have never been to the Norway Saving Bank Arena so there is that novelty. But anything 'home' has been big over the last year...home improvements and upgrades inside and out.  The pandemic and being home more, buying new homes, not spending money on travel last year, having the extra stimulus money have all helped to increase the focus on home improvements.

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