When I think about how a girl should spend her summer, I imagine beach days, peaceful bike rides and eating ice cream. Not spending every waking moment working a summer job. It is for this reason that I have decided to take the time to go to the beach.

For some reason, I have always been on the fence when it comes to the beach. I love the water and the warm breezebut have a hard time tolerating the intense rays of sunshine(I am  a redhead, after all) and the sand that gets EVERYWHERE. However, when my mother invited me to go down and spend the weekend at a quiet cottage on the beach I was overjoyed; the simple idea of getting out of Augusta was just what I needed to handle and process the past two months of intense work.

The moment we got to the beach, it was perfect. I fell in love with not being tied to my computer. In fact, we had no Wi-Fi. To say the disconnect was real was an understatement. So, I spend the rest of my weekend reading my two new books, sitting by the beach, attending a family party and finally taking a moment to myself.

I think that the lesson I learned from going to the beach wasn’t how to avoid getting sand in my sandwich, or too much sun. No, the lesson was that even someone as young as me needs to take time for themselves - every moment I spend worrying over deadlines and trying to squeeze in gym time is a moment not spent living in the present and taking what has been given to me and turning it in to more than just a break from school. Summer is a break from all the things that I don’t want to do and the things that I decide not to do because I am 19 and living like I am 50. So, take it from me - get outside and explore. Stop waiting until you have time, because the truth is, the longer you wait, theless time you have. Besides, your summer clock starts NOW!


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