In The Shape of Water, Sally Hawkins plays a mute cleaning woman who falls in love with a magical fish man (Doug Jones) and promptly fulfills our pervy hopes and dreams by — spoilers, I guess? — consummating the relationship. Unfortunately for us pervs, we never get to see his, um, fish stick, and although Hawkins’ character cutely explains how his aquatic appendage works via a few hand signs, it leaves a lot to the imagination. Thanks to advances in technology and manufacturing, we don’t have to imagine what that dang ol’ dongle looks like because now there’s a sex toy.

And after The Shape of Water took home Best Picture at the Oscars, that sex toy immediately sold out. (NSFW photos here.) The dildo’s sculptor, known as “Ere,” released 28 more of the fish man dildos on March 3, the day before the Oscars (the previous run also sold out quickly). By Sunday night, they were all sold out. OK, 28 isn’t a crazy number, but that’s still 28 horny cinephiles who watched Hot Fish Man Who F—ks and thought, “I wonder what it feels like to bone a fish man!”

You may have already heard of the “Jewel of the Amazon” dildo sold on Etsy by XenoCat Artifacts (NSFW link), purveyors of various H.R. Giger-esque sexual aids. Their Shape of Water-inspired toy debuted last month, and it didn’t take long for people to start asking Doug Jones and (Oscar-winning!) director Guillermo del Toro all about it. Though neither of them endorsed (or even approved of) the product, the “Amphibian Man” dildo proved quite popular with curious consumers.

The toy comes in two sizes: Medium and Small. The former is seven inches long and costs $70, while the latter is six inches in length and costs $50. Speaking with The Wrap, Ere says that interest in the product post-Oscars has grown “a pretty good amount,” and she’s considering releasing another run.

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