It's amazing how, if you get to Walmart after 7AM (at least in Augusta), the people who make it a point to be there at 6 when they open, buy them out of ammunition...regularly...the SAME people, according to a sporting department employee...

I picture these people building a fortress with boxes of shells and dehydrated food for the inevitable apocalypse or government take over. Let me tell ya something there, bucko, all the ammo and food you can save up is only going to delay the inevitable. Either one of the aforementioned events will be unsurvivable.

Hey...I'm all for survival. Having some food storage is a great idea. I know I may regret NOT having it someday (like when/if the next ice storm hits). But ammo? Really? Save your money and buy something useful, like a sponge or roll of duct tape.

There! It's out of my system. I just get miffed at people who deny the rest of us a little pleasurable plinking by getting the ammo before us. Maybe Walmart should hold some and put it on the shelves at random times and outfox the conspiracy theorists. Ooooh, then they'd think Walmart is part of the conspiracy and freak out! I love it.

So anyway, after going to Wally World, I went to Dicks where I scored some bullets at a fair price (really, just the projectile is the bullet, but that's what non-gunners call them). When I was there they had plenty of .45, some 9mm and quite a bit of .22LR.

Good luck!! It's harder hunting ammo than it is game these days!

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