My buddy Mike and I are weekend warriors. We gallivant all over northern Maine in search of just two things. Good pits to go plinking (target shooting) in and great food/drink. Sure, we can find both right here but it just isn't the same as driving for two or three hours and spending a hundred bucks on gas.

I'm a little undecided. I have friends in Greenville and I just love the place. Moosehead is, by far, my favorite lake in the whole wide world. But we aren't boating. We're shooting. That said, Millinocket and points north (along the Golden Road), have great sand pits. Both places have good food and grog.

Help me with this dilemma. Where would you go if given the choice of the two places? I need to decide and quick. Morning will soon be here and I'll end up staying home, again, because I can't make a decision.

Katahdin in the Millinocket region