There is one week until the deadline for filing your 2013 income taxes. Have you filed yet? I’m guessing if you’re getting a refund you have, but if you owe you may be waiting until the very last minute, either to gather the money or to make the most off of it before letting go of it or maybe you just leave it until the last day out of principle?

Here are the top 10 tax tips provided by the IRS. Did you know on average, all of the work you've done until April 21st was for Uncle Sam? April 21, 2014 is Tax Freedom Day.

There is no Patriots Day extension this year as the 15th falls on a Tuesday. Sorry, hate to break it to you.

The IRS has been called many names over the years, but two things in life are certain, death and taxes. Okay, that was cliché but it had to be said.

I remember vividly in the olden days, meaning before the “information superhighway,” the Post Offices as people in a hurried moment waited inline to get a stamp and the April 15th postmark.

Back before e-filing, most major post offices were open until midnight. I don’t believe any are now open that late, unless the Post Office on Forest Ave. in Portland still stays open.

Everyone has their own opinion about taxes, them being too high, not high enough, where the money goes, etc.

We can debate where the money goes all day, and about how much has been taken but let’s all agree, citizen debate is one of the parts about this country that makes us who we are. Free conversation is a good thing.

If you're getting a Federal refund and want to know the status, click here. If you're getting a state refund and want to know the status, click here. For both links, have your Social Security Number handy and know the amount you're expecting.

Most who pay attention kind of know the breakdown of the tax dollar, but for those that don’t I’ve supplied a pie chart above to show you where the 2012 Federal revenue was allocated.