I left my friends at Northern Highlights in Fairfield today, after delivering lunch, with directions to the cemetery where 6-year-old Avery Jean Lane is buried. I drove to the cemetery and quickly found her decorated grave.

As I looked at the spinning flower, resting bench and picture of Avery on the stone (she's blowing bubbles in the photo), my eyes teared up. I couldn't imagine losing a little girl (she died of complications of the flu 2 weeks prior to Christmas in 2012).

I couldn't even comprehend dealing with the heartbreak of some scum tearing up the site and destroying mementos that family and loved ones had left there, but that's just what someone did.

Things are back in place now and, hopefully, they stay that way. If not, I pray that whoever dares step foot near Avery's grave to do damage is caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

If you know of or see anything, call the Kennebec County Sheriff's Office at 623-3614.