It was a TV show (and still is) that my mother and sister literally couldn't get enough of. Of course I'm talking about TLC's outrageously popular hit show, Long Island Medium.

The show, if you're not already familiar, follows psychic medium Theresa Caputo around as she does both large group and one on one readings for people looking to connect with loved ones that have crossed over.

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Caputo's uncanny ability to connect both with the living, and the deceased, has made her a household name among those who believe that certain living people can communicate beyond the grave to those who have departed.

Sometimes the televised readings are funny as passed loved ones crack jokes or share funny antidotes from 'the other side'. Sometimes, however, those readings can be full of pain and sorrow as the living struggle with receiving heartfelt messages from those they once loved in human form.

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As you can imagine, people all around the country have clambered for a chance to even get within a stone's throw of the medium turned icon. And now, at least for those in the Pine Tree State, some will get that chance.

According to her website, the Long Island Medium is slated to perform a live show, complete with audience readings, at Maine's Merrill Auditorium on Friday, May 31st, 2024.

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If you want to score yourself tickets to this show, you'll want to snag them early as this is almost guaranteed to be a sellout performance. Tickets go on sale to the public this Friday at 10a. Click here for ticket details.

If you want to join the email list for early tickets on Thursday, just click here.

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