In Bridgton Maine sits a spectacular home that will give you all the good vibes. This $1.5 million dollar house for sale on, is located on 692 Upper Ridge Road in Bridgton, Maine. It has 5 beds, 4 full baths, impeccable views, stone pit and the best house to host a party in the entire state of Maine. I say, they nailed it.

I wouldn't be surprised that if you walked in, you'd hear echo's of singing and music because this house has some very unique and entertaining history. Take a seat because I am going to wow you.

Legacy Properties Sotheby's International Realty/
Legacy Properties Sotheby's International Realty/

Built in 1909, their was a dream for this house. The dreamer? His name was Charles L. Fox. He designed the home so when the owners hosted they were inviting people in to experience music and visual arts. There were many recitals that took place and gatherings to invite others into a world of music and the arts.

Charles had a lifelong partner named Curtis A. Perry who also designed the house along with him. Charles and Curtis, both artists wanted to make this house a place to celebrate the love of visual art and music.

The current owners renovated the home and modernized it so that it has more of a contemporary and luxury look. There are a lot of estacly pleasing art pieces that seem to tie together what the initial owners designed in the beginning.

The space is huge at almost 5,000 square feet and open concept. The views are remarkable of Mount Washington and the home is perfect for entertaining and showing off. There are 5 very spacious bedrooms with the bathrooms, each different, and the design is seamless and impeccable.

The way they put everything together makes it feel like even though this is an extremely large estate, it still has a feeling of comfortability, coziness and warmth.

Below is a mega gallery of this highly entertaining and perfectly designed house in Bridgton, Maine!

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