The Augusta Police Department wants us all to know there is going to be an active shooter DRILL happening on Thursday.  Here is the text of the alert from


Active Shooter Drill Training on 5-9-19 (Thursday)


Our Law Enforcement partners at the Capitol Police and the Maine Department of Corrections would like everyone to know that on 5-9-19 between 8am and 12:30pm there will be an Active Shooter Drill for the Maine Department of Corrections, Augusta East Campus, off Hospital Street.  This training will be limited to Tyson, Elkins and Williams Pavilion.    Please distribute this notice so that no one misinterprets any of the sounds or actions of the exercise as an actual event. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact LT Robert Elliot, Maine Capitol Police at 287-4353 or Larry Austin, Maine DOC, 207-287-2698.

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