It's been a crappy year so you should adopt a puppy. No, seriously, think about it. So many people are working from home that pet adoptions have actually sky-rocketed nationwide.

As people conform to the 'new normal' of working from home remotely, they have also found themselves battling newfound bouts of loneliness and even depression. You know what can help both of those things? Puppies. People have even been fostering animals on a more regular basis because they are home more often and have more time to spend offering up loves and cuddles to our four-legged friends. Unfortunately for us here in the James' household, we're maxed out on kids, cats and dogs. But perhaps you could help!

The Humane Society of the Waterville Area just received three new puppies that are going to be ready for adoption following their spay operations. All three of these bitches (that's my clever way of letting you know they're all female) are some of the cutest puppies you've ever seen and would love to make a new home with you.

There was no immediate information on the Facebook post as to what breed these dogs are, but who cares, they're freakin' adorable! If you or someone you know is potentially interested in adopting one of these precious pooches, you can submit an Adoption Application at their website. Oh, and if you do adopt one (or all) of these dogs, we expect to see lots of pictures through the 92 Moose app!


Puppies! 🐶

We will have three female puppies available today. They will be placed as foster to adopt until their spay...

Posted by Humane Society Waterville Area on Tuesday, October 27, 2020

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