While I am still a cable subscriber, the more I get addicted to binge watching shows, the more I think about "cutting the cord".  With the exception of The Walking Dead (which we are quickly loosing interest in) and Jeopardy, we spend all of our TV time watching streamed shows.

After crushing the series that everyone is talking about (The Office, Parks and Rec, etc), I went looking for something a little different.  Something underrated.  Here are three that I quickly became addicted to that you may have overlooked.


The Republic Of Doyle - This dramedy mystery series is set in Newfoundland and focuses on a father-son team of former cops who now have their own detective agency.  I am addicted to this show!  And, I am kind of bummed that I only have a few episodes left to watch.  As with most great shows, this one is really driven by the interactions of the characters (both regular and recurring).


Nightflyers - Based on the novella by George R R Martin (yeah, the Game of Thrones guy), this limited series follows the crew of a spaceship on a years long trip to make first contact with an alien force.


The Good Cop - Josh Groban plays the part of an anal-retentive, by-the-book, NYC cop.  Tony Danza plays the part of his dad, a corrupt cop who recently got out of jail.  Basically, Tony Danza always helps his son solve the case, even though he constantly causes problems along the way.


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