Why oh why is the electronic age making me....yes, I said MAKING me....buy the latest and greatest devices. Why? I'll tell ya why! Because I need to be cutting edge, ahead of the curve. Actually, I just want to be a little bit ahead of my kids (who, right now, are a release ahead of me)....

Weeeeeeeeellllllll, wait until they see daddy's new Galaxy S4 (assuming that's what it'll be called). It will, rumor has it, run on the latest and greatest Android operating system and have an 8 core processor (take THAT iPhone)! Right now, both Matt and Michelle have 3S phones and I'm in the stone-age with my plain ole Galaxy S 4G...but you just wait!!! I can hear it now! "Dad...you're so lucky...can I hold your new S4....ooh, it's so sleek and bright....and fast. I bet calls sound great!"

Calls? Who uses a phone to make calls anymore. Text or email, baby. Hey, you kids better get with the program or the technology age will leave you in its dust!

The conversation will go nothing like that, of course. They'll say, "cool, dad," then go out and get their own. But I will have the better device for one or two days. And for that short period, I will reign supreme over my electronically connected children!