I'm kind of a space AND radio geek, so when I saw this story pop up in the news, I knew I had to check it out.

It's something that our NASA officials are always looking and listening for- radio signals from far away. And now, they think they may have found something worth investigating. A series of repeating radio signals from they think is another galaxy.

Researchers at the University of Manchester in England say that radio bursts coming from outer space aren't really that uncommon at all. As a matter of fact, they say that many of the detected radio bursts are actually coming from cataclysmic events taking place in other galaxies. However, this is only the second time in history that radio bursts with a repeating pattern have been detected.

Researchers have been paying close attention to these specific radio bursts and they have been able to analyze and chart the pattern of the bursts. They say that the radio bursts will last for a period of 90 days, followed by a 67 day period of silence.

What will they find out from this? Will there be a discovery of intelligent life in a galaxy far, far away? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, just the fact that we're able to get radio signals from millions of miles away is pretty incredible. Especially when you consider that instead of measuring these distances in actual miles, they are frequently measured in light years. That's just incredible.

Maybe it would be worth putting a massive radio transmitter into earth's orbit and we can try transmitting 92 Moose at a super-high power and see if we can attract some life from the corners of outer space. That'd be pretty cool!

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