Before I was old enough to get into bars, my older brother would always tell me, "You have to go see Tickle!...You'll love them!...They play the kind of music you like, only with a groove to it!" Well, after all the hype I had some pretty high expectations by the time I turned 21, and I was not disappointed.

Seven years and somewhere between 40 and 50 shows (from Old Orchard Beach to Bangor, and even Rangeley) I'm stoked to see the boys at Riverside Flavor Fest at Mill Park in Augusta!

Founder and lead singer, Clay Plunk, says he started the band in 2008 after noticing an absence of a pop/R&B dance band in Maine. He decided to fill that void and got the group together. Over the years the band has changed some members, Clay has been involved in other bands (including the newest edition, SingleBarrel), but the sound has remained the same and Tickle has been a staple in bars, clubs, and festivals across the state.

What can you expect out of the greatest dance band in the land? Songs from all of your favorite Top 40 artists; Justin Timberlake, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Shawn Mendes, and even Dua Lipa! And when they throw it back they do it right with The Rolling Stones, Ginuwine, Backstreet Boys, and more!

I've introduced a lot of people to Tickle over the years and the one thing I hear back is, "I get it now!" I want you to "get it" too! Be sure to join us at Riverside Flavor Fest to see Tickle, Cold Blue Steel, and more!

Get hyped with a preview of what these guys bring to the stage:

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