UGH...I hate ticks.. Hate. Hate. Hate.

So when there is some 'good' tick news I wanna share. According to an article in the Sun Journal the number of ticks found by researches and reported cases of Lyme Disease are down this summer.

BUT...( there is always a 'but' ...right?)

The hot, dry weather has only caused them to go dormant.  Digging down in the dirt or leaves to escape the heat. THEY ARE NOT DEAD. THEY ARE NOT GONE.

They are napping! They are waiting it out. They are hardy and hard to kill.

So a damp fall and cooler temperatures could bring them back full force, as it has done in previous years. Researchers say deer ticks like wet, damp conditions that aren’t too hot or too cold, just like fall in Maine can be.

So always take precautions and do tick checks. Lyme and the other diseases ticks can carry can make you very sick and in some cases cause death.

There are SO many way to help yourself and your pets avoid them. Just do a Google search, it will blow your mind.





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