The snow is all but gone, the weather is luring us outside for a walk, and it is really time to be thinking about ticks again.  

Sorry, winter does not kill ticks. They are hardy little bloodsuckers that can survive the winter, all snuggled in under the snow or ice in the leaves or dead grass. Ticks are not as active in the winter, so it seems like they go away…but they are there…waiting until the snow and ice melt, and the weather is warmer, and all the tasty humans, dogs, and cats are back outside again. 

This weekend ShadowDog went to his vet visit to get up to date on his shots and, of course, his tick-stuff to help keep him safe. 

However, awareness of the ticks, where they live, doing tick-checks, and the damage that vector-borne illness can do to its victim. 

There is a ton of information online about how to protect yourself, sprays and treatment to help keep ticks off of you, your pets, your yard, the types of diseases they cause (it’s not just Lyme, ya know), and the different types of ticks in Maine. 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is a great place to start if you need more information about all things tick-related. 

The spring of 2020 was the first time I ever found a tick on my own body. 

I have taken a few off the dog over the years, but I have been spared. Thankfully it was on my stomach, so it was easy to get out the ol’tick spoon and send him on his way. Ticks...they are so gross. 

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