An exciting turn of events unfolded when Top Chef winner Kristen Kish posted what she and her wife were up to on her Facebook page!

Top Chef winner Kristen Kish, who recently brought her new food show to a Maine farm is has been spotted enjoying Maine's most yummiest dish, lobster!

According to their website, Top Chef has currently returned for it's 20th season.

Kristen recently brought her new show,  Restaurants At The End Of The World to Maine. You can read more about that here, 'Top Chef' Winner Brings Her New Food TV Show to This Maine Farm.

And now, it has officially been announced on Twitter that Kristen is wearing more than just one hat because she has been named host of Season 21, Bravo's Top Chef! 

And to celebrate? She eats Maine lobster! She was seen indulging in our signature dish with her wife, Bianca recently.

As her post states, they rented a car and went out on an adventure. She had a day off of filming her new show and wanted to explore Maine with her wife.

They ate whoopie pies, ice cream, and walked the streets with a picture perfect days-end at Acadia National Park. I'd say that is a perfect day off!

I love when celebs are spotted in our area, enjoying our local food and entertainment.

I can't wait to see what else Kristen has to offer and how her new hosting gig is going to go. Her talents are admired greatly and she is a chef like no other who obviously loves the heck out of our state!

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