This year's Union Fair is set to be a blast. Since 1869, this fair has given New England families memories to last a lifetime!

The Union Fair is widely-known, and offers tons of fun. For those who have never been, this fair is also known as Maine's Wild Blueberry Festival.

According to their website, this 2024 festival is set to take place from July 7-14.

The event is held each year in Union, Maine, and celebrates the state's agricultural heritage and its deliciously famous wild blueberries!

This year, there are some changes to the Union Fair and Maine Wild Blueberry Festival. Traditionally, the event spans an entire week and celebrates both agriculture and blueberries. But this year will be different. The fair is having the Union Fair Sunday to Wednesday, with the blueberry events included throughout the week rather than separately, as per WMTW.

For those of you planning to go, let's get into some of the details of this fun event.

The fair kicked off with free admission from July 7-9, as per the site.

My favorite part of this fair is the agricultural activities and shows. They'll have the livestock shows, 4-H exhibits, and harness racing.

Folks can also explore the Matthew’s Museum and Moxie Museum, adding some local magic to the experience!

With performances from Julia Gagnon this Friday at 8:30 and other live music acts, this event will be amazing.

Featuring Moxie-chugging contests, axe Women Loggers shows, pie-eating contests, magicians, truck pulls, and so much more, this year's Union Fair is certainly an event you don't want to miss!

For the entire schedule of events, click here! 

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