The Kora Temple's FEZtival Of Trees has had a change. They originally planned for part of the event to in-person with restrictions. But recent changes in the COVID orders for Maine has caused them to change things up. The event will happen, but as of Monday, November 16, 2020 the event is due to 100% virtual for 2020. I checked their website and they have posted how to view and buy your tree tickets, but that is coming! Here is the link to keep up to date on FEZtival of Trees 2020.

ORIGINAL STORY: In a year when so many of our traditions are being canceled or reimagined it is nice to see that the Kora Temple in Lewiston will have the FEZtival of Trees! As I write this on Friday morning, November 6…yes it is on and be a little different this year but will still happen.

There will be no crafters and no food.  I will tell you those are two of my favorite parts but I understand.  You will NEED to buy tickets for a certain time before you arrive at the event. They are limiting the number of people in each time frame and how long you can linger with the trees. This is to control the flow of people and, of course, you will need to wear your mask.

The event will also be virtual and online for people to enjoy and, yet you can purchase tree tickets for the trees you would like to take a chance on for 2020.  The event will run from November 20th to the 28th with the exception of Thanksgiving Day.

According to their schedule, Santa will be visiting a few times that week too!

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