I recently spoke with someone about the Vaughan Woods (aka Hobbit Land) parking issues on the Hallowell side of the woods.  OK, here is the deal.  Vaughan Woods is POPULAR!  It is lovely and wonderful and now has some issues because of its success.   Parking on the street around the Hallowell entrance of Vaughan Woods is also a lovely neighborhood. So, please be respectful!  I was told that Hallowell Police have been issuing parking tickets at times.


Park on the Farmingdale side during the summer, weekends and non-school days.

YES there is a Farmingdale side. It is behind Hall-Dale High School.

Go to Hall-Dale.

Hall-Dale High and Middle Schools Farmingdale Maine _ Renee Nelson

Go to the right and parking in the parking area near the tennis courts.  You will also see a water tower.  The path you are looking for is to the left side of the tennis courts ....see the utility pole? RIGHT THERE!  There is NO sign at this point, but trust me.

Parking lot behind Hall-Dale to get to Hobbit Land _ Renee Nelson


Once you get to the end of fencing around the courts…you will see it! This is the sign at the entrance of the Farmingdale side of Vaughan Woods.

Hall-Dale Side enterance of Hobbit Land _ Renee Nelson

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