Pies. Let's talk about it. Oh! And I am also highlighting cakes. Here's the thing, I have been an avid eater for my whole entire life. Sweets are my kryptonite. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was my college, and I graduated with a 3.0 in pie.

I recently decided to start searching for a cake or pie for something special at work, and I knew exactly where to go. Holy Cannoli in Waterville, Maine. Trust me, they put the "yum" in yummy.

Holy Cannoli stands out as the top destination for pie, cake, and bakery enthusiasts like myself.

I stumbled upon this photo today, and the words that came to mind were, "Now this is summer lovin'!" They are always able to serve up the best treats based on the season we're in.

Their Facebook is filled with photos that make your mouth water. Using only quality ingredients, it’s not wonder this blessed place has earned a reputation for serving up the most delicious pies and cakes in the region.

Take a peak at this beauty. It's a lemon blueberry cheesecake.

The variety of pie flavors at Holy Cannoli is impressive. They offer a delightful assortment of cakes, with the funfetti cake being a standout favorite for me!

The aroma hits you first when you walk in, and your eyes are immediately drawn to the shelf filled with all of the irresistible delights. It's so difficult to choose just one!

There is something so enticing about the smell of a good bakery, rich flavors, beautiful colors, and friendly staff. This is everything that you will find at Holy Cannoli, located at 70 Main Street.

What's your favorite dessert at Holy Cannoli? 

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