It is just one of those stories you have to share. It is sweet, it is kind and it has a happy ending. A mother duck and four little ones ended up in a storm drain in the city of Waterville. What do you do? Well, you call for help. The Waterville Fire and Rescue came, evaluated the situation, and went to work. They did not go it alone, according to their Facebook post the community was also of assistance in accomplishing the mission. But it all ends with a smile. All the ducklings were rescued. Mamma duck is safe. They were packed up and driving to Head Of Falls and released next to the Kennebec River.  I would say that it is a more fitting place to be if you are a duck. Thank you Waterville Fire and Rescue and thank you to the community members who just did the right thing by calling for help and were part of this story. I love hearing the good news in our community.

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