You take a photo of a person, a pet, your food or even a selfie you might get lucky if you hit 50 likes or so. I never expected, however, that this picture of our (Keri's) new kitchen would get almost 300 likes in 12 hours! Whoa!

Keri and I got super lucky. We offered and went under contract on a house that had just started being built. Therefore, we were able to decide and pick what was going to be used in the house as it was being built. In the picture you see here, we picked the counter tops, flooring, cupboards and appliances. And we had no idea what any of it was going to look like when it was all put together. Fast forward a couple months and BAM here it is. Sometimes I find myself standing right where I took this picture staring at it. I freakin' love how it came out! I don't want to use it though. It's more of a display kitchen. Except for when we're cookin' nugs!