When you head off to work and drop your child off at daycare you assume that all is going to be great. The children will get along, the workers and facilitators will provide a positive environment for kids and hope your child will learn something in the process.

Never in your wildest dreams would you think your child or their daycare mate at the childcare center would be possibly abused.

DHHS has to do a better job at looking into to daycare centers after complaints are filed. No complaints, I guess leave the daycare alone. Too much interference is a bad thing meaningless inspections take away resources from more problematic situations.

Daycare can be a wonderful environment for children if it’s a positive experience. My wife was a childcare worker for Androscoggin Head Start and loved it. Even today after almost three years gone from Head Start some of her kids see her at a store and say, "Hi Miss Lynn."

I was a daycare kid growing up. Did I like it? At times it was okay. I did have to get stitches once while out on a field trip after stepping on a broken bottle at the beach. Aside from that and some of the one dish meals like macaroni and cheese it was alright.

The memories of my time in daycare include playtime, music, and the smell of Clorox.

I don’t remember ever once, any caregiver yelling at a child. I do remember some of us getting disciplined after doing something wrong. The punishment for breaking the rules for us was usually having to sit alone for a certain period of time, maybe 15 minutes? Seemed like all day back then.

Were you a daycare kid? How about a story.