I live and work on Augusta's west side and spend a lot of time traveling Western Ave in a car and on foot. It can be a scary place.

I don't pull out on Western Ave without looking both ways...even at traffic lights.

When walking on the sidewalks, because they are not wide, feels like you are almost in traffic because you are so close to it.  Shadow and I get off Western Ave as quickly as possible because it is intimidating.

So when I see this morning at centralmaine.com...it has been decided that lower Western Ave is to dangerous for a crossing guard! There are only a few kids who have been using the crossing guard to get to Lincoln Elementary and the guard has almost been hit a handful of times!

So Augusta's last crossing guard is out and the bus routes have been changed up so the kids that had crossed can now catch a bus.

But people...it does not change the fact that we need pay attention when we drive. How about NOT speeding?  How about NOT texting? How about PAYING ATTENTION?


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