You've probably heard that they are planning to make a movie about the Patriots' AMAZING comeback during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl.  I wanna' know what actors you'd like to see in that movie.  Here are my picks...

Matt Damon as Tom Brady (AKA The Greatest Of All Time) - Matt is a great Boston - raised actor and, to me at least, looks a little like Brady

Mark Davis, Getty Images
Mark Davis, Getty Images

Matt Lillard as Gronkowski - Sure, he's older than Gronk and he hasn't done much (anything?) in the last few years, but they both have that big goofy thing going on.

matthew lillard
YouTube, Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Ryan Reynolds as Julian Edelman

"Safe House" New York Premiere

John Malkovich as Falcons' coach Dan Quinn - Just look at them next to each other...  You'll see what I mean.

Red 2

Margo Robbie has Gisele

Margot Robbie The Wolf of Wall Street


Liam Neeson has Bill Belichick - they're both badasses that NEVER smile

Liam Neeson
Kevin Winter, Getty Images

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