Kids of all ages have been chowing down on Barnum's Animal Crackers for 116 years.

For decades, those cookies have been coming from a box showing animals in a typical circus environment - cages.  Maybe I'm miss-remembering, but I always thought the ones I had as a kid showed the animals in a circus train.  Either way, they were in cages.  Not anymore!

According to the New York Times, after they got a plea from PETA, Nabisco decided to "free" the animals on the box.

In the grand scheme of things (in other words, in my life), this doesn't change anything.  They still come in a box, they still taste the same, and I still have a hard time calling anything that's sweet a "cracker".

But, it makes me wonder if the people at PETA couldn't find something more constructive to occupy their time.  Why not tackle real cruelty against real animals (instead of the ones on the side of a box)?  Take on poachers who are hunting species to extinction or push for tougher punishments for animal abusers.  Just a suggestion...

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