Summer feels as though it is slipping through my fingers and taking with it all my adventures, long day’s work and the slight fear of going back to school. I know that is kind of crazy considering I have said before that I love my school, and I do. However, I still get filled with butterfly’s when thinking about starting a new school year. I talk faster, walk with a purpose and fill my backpack with every piece of school supply imaginable. So, in preparation for my first day back I have decided to write about what I fill my bag with; honestly, I fill it a bit too full.

When I was younger, I used to have to bring glue, markers, a million colorful folder and everything on the pre-decided list that St. Michaels sent out. Now at university, I have a little more choice in what I chose to bring with me. I will start with what I consider to be my most important item and that is my MacBook Pro. I am not going to lie my laptop is like my baby and goes to class with me every day. Along with my computer, I bring with me a phone charger and headphones.

Next, I pack my pencil case which is bright blue and covered with a soft squishy material. Inside is every color, shape, and brand imaginable for pens and pencils, along with erasers, sticky notes, high lighters and just the average assortment of glitter pens.  The last few things I fill my backpack with are my notebooks, and most importantly my planner. I am very picky when it comes to this because it needs to have the right about of space in its daily box, a calendar for every month and a note and to do list section.

Whatever you might decide to fill your backpack with just remember that you should only bring what you need. I think of the countless times I would bring a textbook to class only for the prof to never use it. So, learn as you go, gather what you need, and bring with you “an owl, caldron, and a wand.”

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