Now that people have (FINALLY) stopped eating Tide Pods, we have a new stupid social media challenge: The Ikea Challenge!

How does it work?  You visit an Ikea store near closing time, build a fort (just like when you were a kid), and hide in it until after the store has closed and the staff has left for the day.  Then, the "campers" have free run of the store.  The next morning, the campers sneak out of the store.  Of course, it needs to be filmed and documented on social media

While it may seem harmless, it's pretty dangerous.  The main concern is that, with stockroom items stacked high, they could topple over on the "campers".  Additionally, it is trespassing and the "campers" could face arrest.

The idea for this originally came from Ikea itself.  Back in 2014, an Ikea store in Australia invited people to camp there as a PR stunt.  Not a shocker, they are now asking people to stop making these unsolicited overnight visits.

Can we please just go back to throwing ice water on each other and eating peppers to raise money for charity?

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