It was 65 years ago today (March 4, 1950), Walt Disney's 'Cinderella' was released! What is your all-time favorite Disney movie?

My daughter loves all the Disney princesses and I'm not sure how it happened. Not that I'm against Disney princesses, but "Happily Ever After" is a wedding myth. I feel like telling Vikki "Happily Ever After" is the beginning of compromise and ups and downs, but I digress.

On this anniversary, I ask what is your favorite Disney movie? Trust me there are tons and tons to choose from. From the last 10 or so years, I'd say, it's a toss up between 'Finding Nemo', 'Cars'  or 'Toy Story'. Of the classics, I'd probably go with, 'Robin Hood' as it was one of the first animated movies I saw in the theaters.