This year was the first in a few that we bought a state park pass. It has so far been the best investment we've made for summer fun. It cost $70 and already we've made back the price of admission just going to local beaches.

The pass works for the whole car at the gate and where we're a family of five you figure it would be $20 for every entry without the pass!

So far this year we've just used it for Range Pond and Sebago state parks, but we're planning trips to Popham and other state parks this summer. We're thinking of hiking parks for the fall when the foliage is out, however, right now we're all about the beaches.

A definite park on our list for fall is Bradbury Mountain. A friend referred us to Grafton Notch near New Hampshire and it looks like another great autumn destination.

If interested, a state park pass can be bought at most if not any entry gate to state parks.

I'm looking for suggestions on state parks aside from Baxter State Park at least when it comes to the pass. Where do you like to go?