Earth is so curious isn't it? It's big, round, and peculiar. We have yet to discover all of the wonders of the world, but we're working on it.

Let's talk about beyond earth. The skies and the story they are telling us. I am an avid "sky-watcher" I love looking at the stars and feeling the moon light up my face.

Recently while I was looking up, I saw something that has yet to be explained. This is either a spaceship, shooting star, asteroid, or the Star Wars Falcon. Whatever it was, I have to show it to you!

Photo Cred: Jason Alexander, FogBreaker Studios
Photo Cred: Jason Alexander, FogBreaker Studios

I didn't take this photo. I was lucky enough to stumble across this thing that lit up the sky on the Lewiston Rocks Facebook Page. The photo was posted by Jason Alexander a fellow sky-watcher. The post read,

 Did anyone see this? it was about 40 individual lights, silent and was just gone in about 30 seconds. Very bizarre and very awesome! He lives in Auburn and this flashing asteroid flew right over his home and he was able to capture it.

He told me how he felt after he took the photo,

Nothing off the top of my head, it was big inspiration for a horror writer to think i had a front row seat to the invasion-im sure im not the only one that had extraterrestrial takeover on my 2022 doomsday bingo card

Jason Alexander

Who knows what this is. Who knows what they're planning. All I know is that the moment I saw it, I was also ready to, "Armageddon" because that's what it felt like.

What do you think this is? Did you see it and how did you feel?

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