It seems like January 1st, 2018 was just yesterday!  This super busy year has flown by!

Her are the top 5 things we were talking about in 2018

5. Mainer Appears On American Idol - In March, we found out that Oakland's Dominic James would be in an audition episode of the newly rebooted American Idol.  Check out the story HERE

4. US Navy Vet's Ashes Returned To Family Thanks To A Facebook Post - The ashes had been left in a U-Haul truck in Auburn and, thanks to a post that went viral, his family was located.  Check out the story HERE

3. Three Maine Women Still Missing - Unfortunately, a body found in late August was identified as Liz Perkins, one of these missing women.  Read the story HERE

2. Long Island Medium Visits Maine - In June, we found out that Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, would be visiting Maine in October.  Read the story HERE

1. Two Year Old Boy Hit By Truck Wants Get Well Cards - In one of the most heartbreaking stories of the year, a woman took her own life by stepping in front of a tractor trailer truck.  Even worse, she was holding her two year old son when she did it.  He survived, but has a long road ahead of him.  Read the story HERE

Do you agree with our list?  What were you talking about in 2018?  Let us know on our Facebook page

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