The coolest thing I ever found was beer!  Lot's of it!  For a while (years), everytime I looked at a rental house or apartment, I'd say "let there be beer!" and open the fridge.  Most of the time, there WAS beer.  Over the last couple days, I asked you what the coolest thing you found was.  Here are some of the more interesting answers:

At the dump, Cindy found a 100 year old scale that used to be at the Mount Washington Hotel.

Photo Credit: Cindy Blais Schwartz
Photo Credit: Cindy Blais Schwartz

Jennifer said she found a Gameboy on the side of the road.  Complete with a game.  She’s pretty sure some ticked off parent probably tossed it out the window when their kid wasn’t looking.

Working at a hotel in New Hampshire, Alexa said she found diamond ring that ended up being worth $10,000!  Not a big surprise, the people who left the ring emailed the hotel about it.

Some people do a “message in a bottle” thing using a helium balloon.  Julie said she found one in Maine that, according to the attached note, had been launched in Tennessee.

Matt uses a metal detector to search for historical artifacts in Augusta.  He once found 150 yr old printing plates from a local magazine

My favorite story?  A caller named Doug found someone’s dad.  While he was doing some genealogy research, he found Vietnam Vet with his name.  A few months later, he was contacted by a guy who thought Doug might be his dad.  Some of the info the kid gave him matched with the man Doug had spoken to a few months before, so he sent that guy’s email to the kid.  It turns out they were father and son!  Doug helped them reunite after being apart for 20 years!

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