Here in Maine, we do Christmas decorations right.  There are so many homeowners and businesses who go all out with their holiday decorations.  Many of these displays rival the professional displays.  Gardens Aglow, for example. I would hate to see their power bills!

One Maine brewery has taught us that you don't always need to have tens of thousands of lights for a great Christmas lights display.  Sometimes, all you need is a really creative concept.

According to one of my old college classmates, Boothbay Harbor's Footbridge Brewery always does a National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation-themed display.  This year's display caused a little bit of a stir.

Because there is a good chance you have seen the 1989 classic dozens of times, we are sure that you remember the part of the movie where Clark W. Griswold was trying to decorate the outside of his home.  It was a total disaster!  At one point, he finds himself hanging from the outside of the house. This year's display recreates that scene.

Based on a Facebook post by the Footbridge Brewery, it sounds as though they frightened a passerby.  The person believed a man was really hanging from the building.

The post goes on to say:

We apologize for the scare that Clark Griswold gave someone this morning. We'd like to assure you all that this is just decorations and not an actual person. On that note, we hope you all have a hap-hap-happiest holiday season!


They have even gone as far as posting a sign to make sure the same mistake is not made again.

Photo courtesy of Footbridge Brewery
Photo courtesy of Footbridge Brewery

You can find Footbridge Brewery on Granary Way in Boothbay Harbor.  Yes, it is located right next to that cool footbridge that crosses the harbor.  You can find them online at

If you have never seen the movie, it is a true Christmas classic.  It follows the Griswold family, who appear in all of the National Lampoon vacation movies, as they tackle Christmas.  Like most of the movies, this one is all about try to recreate Clark's childhood memories.  In this case, he wants to treat his family to an old-fashioned Christmas.  Not surprisingly, absolutely nothing goes right.

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