I've been dealing with this issue for the last few months.  Almost every night I wake up at 3:06 AM.  Always 3:06 AM.  Well, once it was 3:07 AM, but that is probably because I was feeling lazy and it took me a minute to reach for my phone to check the time.

I brought it up to Matt and Renee this morning.  Matt seemed to believe I was being haunted by ghosts.  Even though I love the idea that a ghost would find me important enough to haunt, I don't that's what is going on.

After doing some digging, I think I found the answer.

According to sleep expert, Alexa Kane, PsyD, I am probably waking up at that time because, at one point in my life, my body had become conditioned to wakeing up at that time.  Dealing with a baby that needed to be fed, letting the dog out, getting up for work, or even sleep apnea.

Her answer does make sense, but it makes me as a followup question.  Why 3:06 AM?  It's been years since the kids were babies.  I have never had sleep apnea.  And, even when I used to do mornings on a regular basis, I never had to get up that early.  Even when I lived a significant drive from the station, I never had to get up before 3:45 AM.

Something tells me that I will probably never know why 3:06 AM is "my time".

At least I now have a pretty good idea why I am waking up at the same time each night.


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