I have been doing a lot of work to my new Maine house and recently when I finished mowing my lawn I noticed spots on my ankles. I assumed that I got a lot of mosquito bites and moved on.

The next time I mowed, it happened again. I googled it and the spots on my legs turned out to be flea bits.

What the what? I assumed fleas only lived on cats and dogs, but I suppose they have to come from somewhere.

So when I moved into the new house, I have now inherited a deer bone, 16 Walmart receipts from the 90s, one heating pad and now fleas.

They are extremely small, jumpy and kind of red-colored. Is this happening to you as well?

I did some research and fleas can live in your yard. But what do I do now? If the same thing is happening to you, I have been able to uncover some helpful tips that I am hoping will take care of our itchy problem!

According to Scotts, 

Your lawn and yard can act as a breeding ground for fleas, which can then hitch a ride on your pet (or you) and be brought inside to wreak havoc in your home. Fleas are no small problem, either: They can lay up to 50 eggs a day, and their bites can cause sores and rashes. If conditions are right, they can live up to two years.

One word, WOW. I am not the kind of girl that loves to hear that any part of my home could become a "breeding ground." But when the world punches you in the face, you have to punch back.

As the article states, they're a few different things you can do. Let's start with number one shall we

  1. Treat your lawn
  2. Build a barrier
  3. Mow high (but not too high)
  4. Remove thatch
  5. Avoid overwatering
  6. Mulch with cedar
  7. Let the sunshine in
  8. Clear clutter.

Here's my thing, I don't know what a "hatch" is and I don't have time to "build a barrier." So what I am going to attempt, is not overwatering because you don't want it to be too wet and buy some mulch with cedar.

If that doesn't work, I am not too nice and will buy poison.

Is this something that normally happens here in Maine during the hot summer months or is my yard just lucky!

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