Last week, my son Bentley and I decided to surprise my wife Nelly with a unique birthday gift. We gave her with a bug zapper racket thingy. It's like a tennis racket, but its superpower is, ready for it? Bug annihilation. We call it the Zapper Racket.

We have a serious yellow jacket invasion on our porch. Particularly within the framing of our windows. They fly into a small hole underneath the frame and burrow inside. They are staging a full-scale assault on our property.

I wanted to try it out for myself when my son yelled, "hornets hornets!"

So, I quickly armed myself with the zapper racket and embarked on an epic battle. I channeled my inner Serena Williams and ended up sending 13 of those suckers in oblivion.

Picture Wimbledon and Bee-apocalypse and that was me.

I dig some digging on why these hornets are here and increasing and found that last year in 2022, according to Good Housekeeping, the influx of hornets in Maine was due to climate change and mild winters.

This year, we had a mild winter and climate change isn't stopping so that's why.

Even though it was satisfying, I don't want to star in my own action movie about slaying a yellow jacket army every day. So, I do need to find some tips and tricks on how to better solve this problem. Any ideas?

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