According to WGME Channel 13, you may think you are seeing ladybugs taking up residence in your home, but they are not.

Because of the increased drought situation, the news station reported, we are seeing an increase in little red insects called Lady Asian Beetles. has a whole web page about them, even that they can become real pests when a bunch of them invade the home.

Charles Armstrong, who is an insect diagnostician at the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, told WGME that the Lady Asian Beetles are family members to the lady bug, they are not the same insect.

Any time I see a ladybug, I count the spots on its back to determine its age, and then I make a wish if they are really old.

So if you are seeing these red little ones you can still make a wish on them, but not sure if they'll come true though.

I also wondered if these beetles are at all harmful to humans, and the answer wasn't so cut and dry. They may bite you and could cause an allergic reaction, which is surprising.
They'll only bite you if they're looking for food or moisture. If you do get bit, you may have the following symptoms, asthma, welts, swelling, or itching nose and eyes, the news station reported.
I'll be on the lookout for them!

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