Until this weekend, I had no idea that charcoal infused toothbrushes were even a thing.  Now I own one!

As I was brushing my teeth before hitting the road with the kids, I realized I needed a new one.  So, while we were at the local dollar store, I picked one up.  Well, full disclosure, I forgot until I was in line, so I sent my daughter Denise to grab one for me.

It was not until we got home that I realized she bought me a charcoal infused toothbrush.  When I saw it, I asked myself, “why would anyone put charcoal into the bristles of a toothbrush?”  Apparently, there are several good reasons to it.

According to Healthline, charcoal infused toothbrushes are the latest trend in dental care.

The charcoal in the toothbrush is not the same stuff you have in your grill.  This is active charcoal.  The manufacturers get the charcoal by oxidizing coal, olive pits, and coconut shells.  It is made “active” by heating it to a high temperature.  This makes it more porous and increases its surface area.

So, what are the benefits (other than just having a cool looking toothbrush with black bristles)?  Recent scientific research finds that the toothbrushes are better at removing stains (making your teeth look whiter and brighter), it kills bacteria, and they are better at removing plaque (giving you fresher breath).

I am only on day two of using mine, so I have not found these benefits… yet.

Have you been using a charcoal infused toothbrush?  Have you noticed a difference in your teeth or breath?  Let us know by messaging us through our app or on Facebook?

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