Over the last couple of days, there has been no shortage of wild pictures and videos from all around Maine as residents grapple with the leftover destruction caused by the epic 'Grinch' storm.

As far as power outages go, there were not two counties statewide that were affected as much as Kennebec and Somerset.

However, when it comes to overall destruction, portions of Western Maine, including the mountains and foothills, really saw some crazy things happen in the aftermath.

We're sure that by now you've heard all about how some of the state's major roads have all but disappeared underneath the churning flood waters caused by several inches of rain falling down on Monday.

And did you see the photos that showed a major route to Sugarloaf almost gone? It was a near-complete washout of Route 27 in the area of Kingfield, Maine. You can see them right here.

Last night while we were checking out some of the pictures and videos on social media, we came across a video that we hadn't seen yet.

Posted on TikTok by Headless_Daze, a wild video shows some of the most intense flood waters we've ever seen ripping roads away at Maine's Sunday River ski resort.

Area news stations are even reporting that as of yesterday, some people were trapped in their mountainside condos because the access roads had washed away.

Take a look at the wild video we saw.

Stay safe out there, folks!

@headless_daze Sunday River December 18th 2023 💔 #maine #sundayriver #maineflooding ♬ original sound - headless_daze

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