Because of the novel coronavirus, wrenches have been thrown into the gears of many American's lives, including those who were recently on cruises.

According the KJ, this is exactly what happened to Scott and Dona Ferguson of Winthrop, Maine. The pair recently embarked on a celebratory retirement cruise aboard Holland America's Maasdam.

As the spread of COVID-19 quickly became a global pandemic, cruise ships all around the world hurried to get back to port. Unfortunately, the Maasdam was turned away from thee different ports.

Friday night there was some hope as the ship was finally cleared to dock in Honolulu, Hawaii. That was until the Governor of the state ordered the ship to not dock in the state at all.


Reportedly now, the ship is being reloaded at sea with fuel and food and will attempt to dock in San Diego, CA.

We will keep this story updated.

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