After hearing the story of Baby Kingsley from a classroom visitor, Mrs. McEwan's 6th grade Discover 101 class decided they could help!

Baby Kingsley was born on August 2nd and, since that day, he has been fighting for every breath he takes.  He has Congenital Heart Disease (ASD and VSD), Tracheal Malacia (his windpipe collapses when he tries to breathe), is deaf, and has Down Syndrome.  Since his birth in August, Kingsley has been in and out of the Barbara Bush Wing at Maine Medical Center.  At one point, his mother (who lives in Lewiston with Kingsley's siblings) had resorted to hitchhiking to see her son.

While studying about local heroes who help out in our community, the class learned about Baby Kingsley and his family and decided they could help.

Over several weeks, they help an in-school bottle drive.  So far, they have raised over $500 for Kingsley and his family!

Great job, guys!

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