A dream has been realized for a local single Mother with 5 children. Teri Diamond of Auburn, has always loved crafts. She has been creating since she was a child.

Over the years, she tried juggling craft fairs with being a single mom and it was disastrous. She then started to look into selling her crafts and learned a lot about how she preferred to do things in her own dream shop one day.

However, how would she make this dream come true? She didn't have enough money on her own so let's just say, thank goodness for friends!

A friend of hers who has just gotten out of the navy and knew how passionate she was about crafts and how tireless she worked as a mom, wanted to help!

He had saved up some money and offered to help her lift her dream shop off the ground. So, between his personal loan and her own finances, they were able to pull it all together.

Slowly her lifelong dream became a very real entity.

Mainely Handmade LLC, a gift shop in the Auburn Mall that specializes in local handmade goods opened on October 26th and they have taken off!

Teri tries hard to make sure the handmade items are there main focus. They offer a variety of handmade items including things like candles, maple syrup, jewelry, handmade goats milk soap, and so much more! They also have a small novelty section that has a rapidly growing with a variety of crystals and gemstones as well as some old-fashioned candy sticks. They even have gift cards for those who are not the easiest to shop for!

She also tries to make sure that she's working with small bath handmade products from the US as often as possible.

It became so important for Teri to build something that could be a real asset to the makers in her community. She wanted to make selling items a viable option for the single moms, side hustlers, disabled, retired, or just the people who loved making but hated selling.

So with much trial and error and she's sure she doesn't have all of the kinks worked out yet but with the help of her daughter, friends and family she is climbing up the craft ladder!

Teri strives to provide a space for quality handmade items from all sorts of makers. They have low monthly rates with a small commission, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and are open six days a week!

In addition Mainely Handmade LLC is organizing a couple of upcoming craft fairs in the hall of the mall with space available for over 60 local makers!

Teri is an example of hard work and the ability to prove that dreams come true.

Head on over to the Auburn Mall and say hello, check out their store and for more info, visit their website at Mainely Handmade!

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