I was scrolling on Facebook and suddenly saw something that made me hyper zoom.

Her name is Danielle Cecil. Picture this, a beautiful woman, laying on a beach, spreading body-positivity and doing this all, wearing a mermaid tail.

You realize that this is the type of human I need to know more about right?

And apparently, I am not the only one.

Danielle is getting a ton of attention for what she is doing. She's been posting uplifting photos of herself, in a mermaid outfit, under the sea. She told me she's always loved the movie Splash, so now she's become a mermaid because she is beautiful and she wants you to know, you are too.

Danielle Cecil via Facebook
Danielle Cecil via Facebook

Danielle admits that she was very nervous to wear a mermaid tale in public or post a picture. She admits hadn't always been this confident and struggled with self-hatred, as we all do, before we realize our worth.

I learned that Danielle is a survivor, she's overcome addiction and decided to start a journey on loving herself, despite what society told her is "beautiful."

This is the case for so many woman, we are constantly being bombarded and reminded on what "beauty" should be and it affects us deeply.

 Danielle went on to say,
I decided to love what I perceived to be imperfections and I found that the real beauty and blessings began then. I found freedom in showing other women their worth and value is not determined by others. Showing them that no matter what they see or feel when they look in the mirror  they are beautiful and worthy.

Danielle has gone through many dark and awful situations. She was open with me and shared her story.

I want to give you a trigger warning because what I will speak about next is kidnapping, sex trafficking, rape, and domestic violence.
Sadly, Danielle told me that has gone through all of those things, above. She told me that it is a true miracle that she is still alive.
More than anything I want to spread joy and love, God’s love. We are perfect in Gods sight and that’s where I get my confidence from. If the creator of it all thinks I am perfect then I must be pretty special. We all are.
Danielle Cecil
Because Danielle has faced adversity and intense challenges, which she has overcome, she is stronger and more courageous then ever.
She wants to take that bravery and new found love for herself and share it with anyone who truly needs to hear it. That is exactly what she is doing. She is posting photos on her Facebook page of her body, showing off her beauty. Her real beauty.
We so often judge what we were conditioned to think is "perfection" but it doesn't exist.
Danielle is showing many Mainers that you're perfect the way you are and it's time to start celebrating that.
So many of us don’t take pics or go swimming all bc of what someone might think of us in a swim suit. The reality of it is most people don’t even notice us and we are thinking they’re all starring and talking about us. Even further, who cares if they are. Like really, why do we care so much??!!
Danielle Cecil
Danielle is exactly right when she speaks about what people truly see. Most of us are concerned about our own "flaws" and we're not paying attention to yours.
We are perfect in Gods sight and that’s where I get my confidence from. If the creator of it all thinks I am perfect then I must be pretty special. We all are.

Danielle's life long dream is now wanting to create a campaign of all types of mermaids, spreading love to everyone.
If I could have anything it would be a company of all inclusive mermaids and mermen. Big small, gay straight, trans, disabled, literally every type of mermaid possible and we would bring joy and hope to kids or grownups who need to see anything is possible.
Danielle Cecil

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