Today we had our “Yankee Swap” Christmas gathering at work. I think this year things worked out about evenly, I might have actually won out in value. I know it’s not about the gift, but about the fun that goes with trading.

One year about maybe a decade ago, there was an alliance of people here at work who all bought the same box of chocolates so half the staff ended up with a box of chocolates, that was up there with one of the so-called "worst," but we still had fun. What I learned, Forrest Gump was wrong on that one.

Last year or maybe it was the year before, I got Pabst Blue Ribbon pounders, which was one of the more memorable years. This year wasn’t bad, I got a Hickory Farms summer sausage gift pack, which included crackers and cheese for bringing an Irving gift card.

How about you, what are the best, most memorable and worst if you want to say “Yankee Swap” gift you’ve ever received?

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