Yesterday Matt and I traveled to the town of Skowhegan to deliver goodies and gifts to a nominated local hometown hero. We are helping to give back to the community one champion at a time.

For the entire summer you can send in your nominations of the people you think are deserving to receive recognition for their hard work and dedication to our beautiful community.

This is for all Police, Fire, and EMT's statewide.

Our first nominee that was chosen, was Officer Josh York of Skowhegan Police Department. For each person that is recognized, Matt and I along with Skowhegan Savings Bank travel to destination and make a surprise visit to where ever this person works and happily present them with our appreciation.

That is exactly what happened yesterday. We popped into SPD and with the help of Chief David Bucknam, were able to surprise Officer Josh York. He was nominated by Brett Willey.

The most fulfilling part about this is that the nominees are unaware of what is happening when we arrive.

Officer York, along with his wife were wondering what was going on and when Merry St. Pierre, our Senior Account Executive presented him with his gifts of gratitude, they were humbled and thrilled!

According to our hometown hero article,

If your nomination is chosen, 92 Moose and Skowhegan Savings Bank will make a surprise visit to that person's workplace and shower them with love (and gift cards, too!) And don't worry about their coworkers, we'll bring plenty of goodies to share.

Thanks to Lilac Catering, Olde Mill Pub, and Skowhegan Savings Bank for providing gift cards, goodies, and appreciation to Officer York.

Merry St. Pierre
Merry St. Pierre via Facebook

Giving to others doesn't cost a thing and it is what makes us all better humans. Recognition, especially in the law enforcement area should always take place. These humans are doing things that require risk, focus, dedication and heart and being able to thank them through this, is overwhelming.


Don't miss out on an incredible offer going on right now at Skowhegan Savings Bank for all of our Maine first responders. The Maine Hero Home Loan, exclusive to Skowhegan Savings Bank, is offering first responders $750.00 off closing costs, plus other sweet incentives, to all police, fire and EMTs statewide.

To nominate someone for a delivery of goodies and recognition from the Moose and Skowhegan Savings Bank, fill out the form below!

92 Moose

If there is anyone that you think is deserving of gratitude for a job well done in the community, you can nominate them here! 

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